Monday Night Jam Session


I have moved my jam to 529 in East Atlanta Village on Mondays.  11pm


I have been running a weekly Tuesday night jam session in Atlanta for 10 years.  It started at the Five Spot (R.I.P) in little five points and is now at Elliott St Pub.  Over the years it has been a safe house for creative musicians to let out some steam,  start new projects, try out new ideas, and catch up with friends.

There are hundreds of videos of the jam on youtube, some which are great and some that are hard to watch.  Search at your own risk.

Here are some of the special guests who have stopped in the past Snarky Puppy, Justin Faulkner, Deantoni Parks, Warren Haynes, Derek Trucks, Brent Hinds, Kofi Burdbrige, Otiel Burbridge, Susan Tedeschi, Coy Bowles, Zac Brown, Ike Stubblefield, Kinah Boto, Lil Jon Roberts, Roosevelt Collier, Chris Duarte, Russell Baptiste, Grant Green Jr., Jimmy Herring, Jeff Sipe, Kebbi Williams, Bryan Lopes, Col. Bruce Hampton, Billy Bob Thorton, David Sanchez, Rob Barraco, and Emil Werstler.

Check out the bandcamp page where I will be slowly putting up all 500 recordings.