“The Kevin Scott jam is a church for us free thinkers. I have experienced things there that I could never experience in a traditional setting. The freedom allows for mystical innovations!!!” Kebbi Williams  (Chris “daddy” Dave, Tedeschi Trucks, Outkast)

“THIS IS A BAD MAMMA JAMMA, KEVIN PLAYS GREAT WITH A HEALTHY EFF YOU ATTITUDE”  – Tim Lefebvre (David Bowie, Wayne Krantz, Tedschi Trucks)

“His time, the energy, the creativity, the soul” – Wayne Krantz 

“Kevin is family! He’s that rare kind of musician who always plays to the song and loves all kinds of music”- Jimmy Herring

“He’s like china and Portugal rolled into one”Col. Bruce Hampton 

“Kevin Scott put together an excellent James Brown revue. The musicians and artists did a phenomenal job of not only mimicking JB, but showing their talents in all ways. I think Kevin showed a great instinct for the music. I look forward to playing with him again.” –
Fred Wesley (James Brown, Parliament)

“Kevin Scott is one of the funkiest bass players i’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. His groove is so deep Jules Verne is writing a book about it. He’s a great musician and a great guy. I can’t stand him!” – Nick Etwell (Mumford and Sons, Beck)

“Kevin “Mr. Pocket” Scott, One of my favorite bass players, When he lays down a groove you really feel it, He plays way beyond his years…Mr. Pocket Scott!”Grant Green Jr.
After 15 years on the Atlanta music scene, bassist Kevin Scott is expanding
his musical and geographic reach. In the last year, he has toured and
recorded with Jimmy Herring and John McLaughlin’s “Meeting of the
Spirits,” Wayne Krantz, FORQ, Donny McCaslin, and Wednesday Night Titans. Kevin’s creative
spirit and instinctual, groove-driven playing have made him a must-have on
many exciting and unique projects. Although his itinerary has him travelling
more than ever with no signs of slowing, he remains a musical pillar in
Atlanta, where he has been a member of multiple bands including Ruby
Velle & The Soulphonics and King Baby, and hosts the long-standing
Monday night jam session at 529; an improvised, no-holds-barred
weekly summit of musicians from all genres and backgrounds. There is
much to look forward to in 2020 and beyond…world tours with FORQ, Wayne Krantz, Matador!, Wednesday Night Titans
Donny McCaslin, and U.S. and international dates with Jimmy Herring, and
the release of a Jimmy Herring/John McLaughlin live album recorded last
fall in San Francisco.


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